Company D was a fairly new emerging PCBA provider in Asia. Our team was called in because the operational metrics weren't meeting the owner's expectations. The major issues were:

  • Poor Yields well below industrial expectations
  • Too much rework
  • Poor outgoing Quality
  • Behind Schedule
  • Rejected board inventories were getting out of control

The QE team worked with the company to create a pareto of the reasons for the various issues. Based on this pareto the team made the following improvements:

  • Provided Supplier Management support to improve the incoming quality of the components
  • Re-layout the line so that it was balanced
  • Created a new training program for the operators, technicians, and outgoing inspectors
  • Worked with the testers to increase test coverage
  • Hired, equipped, and trained extra labor to get red of the rejected boards by reworking them

The results of the QE team's efforts were:

  • PCBA Yields reached industrial standards of > 90%
  • Cycle time was substantially reduced
  • Substantially improved the product quality
  • Increased profit

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